Criteria For Publication

1. Content. We strive to publish papers that contain substantial advancement of established knowledge or that report significant new developments in the field.

2. Novelty. Submission of an article implies that it has not been published or submitted elsewhere. Figures, tables, or text material should not be repeated.

3. Language. This is the responsibility of the author, papers must be written in standard American English.

4. Length. The length of the abstract should not exceed one-third of a printed page. The length of a regular paper should be kept to the minimum consistent with comprehensibility.

5. Format. Authors are asked to follow the instructions.

6. Patents. Submission of manuscripts that contain ideas which may be patentable is at the author's risk.

7. Copyright. Submission to the journal implies that the work has been neither copyrighted, classified, published, nor is being considered for publication elsewhere.